Vancouver International Airport (YVR)

Vancouver International Airport (YVR)

Simpleway's automated, dynamic announcements have been provided to passengers across 100 gates, 15 kiosks, ten baggage carousels, and five operational client stations since 2011. The airport uses 8 Simpleway voice libraries, namely French, English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Japanese, and Punjabi.

In addition to this, our system integrates with 12 separate public address sub-systems, thereby allowing calls between each of them. This final installation is one of the world's largest Bosch Praesideo installations, ranking second only to the Dubai Airport system. Approximately 10,000 announcements are made per day.

Simpleway helped Vancouver International Airport improve the travel experience for international passengers and provided an easy and efficient way for operators to manage display content and visual paging thanks to an integration with the airport's FIDS. This allowed for a more efficient boarding process and simplified the day-to-day work of gate agents.

A significant technical upgrade of the Simpleway solution was completed at the end of 2023. This upgrade involved introducing a completely new system while retaining all functions and minimizing disruption to employees' workflows and processes. The old and new systems ran in parallel over a short period of time to ensure a smooth transition. This step-by-step migration to the new system was greatly appreciated by the airport, as downtime is almost impossible at such an exposed airport.

With the upgrade, we have also implemented also our text-to-speech tool which is part of our solution and enables the airport to create instantly almost human like announcements with flight variables.