Airfield Inspections & Operations Automation

Airports have to comply with regulatory compliance requirements by conducting airfield inspections several times during the day. These findings are documented typically on paper and consolidating this information along with other associated information for annual inspections is a tedious process. That’s why we designed Aerosimple.

Aerosimple is a modern and easy to use system designed for making daily airport tasks less mundane, more efficient; and ultimately making the airport more safe and secure. There’s no setup time. You can get started right away by choosing from a set of pre-designed ready-to-use templates as per your regulatory body. Airports can further modify and add additional forms easily using a drag and drop form builder interface. 

Along with inspections, the platform also allows you to track Work Orders, Airfield Assets and Operations Logs. These modules are integrated closely with your inspection forms allowing greater flexibility and efficient use of the system.

Aerobot, an AI-powered bot, helps you with navigation and finding the information you need quickly. This makes adoption of the platform and new user-onboarding easy.

The Aerosimple Navigator mobile application is your true companion on the airfield during an inspection. It tracks the path you have been taking during the inspection, allows you to document discrepancies at the click of a button and ensures that you never miss an item on your checklist during an inspection. The app works even where there is no internet connection on the airfield and the information is automatically synced to our servers when the device is connected to a network.

Airfield Inspections & Operations Automation

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