Emergency Operations Management

Should you ever find yourself in an emergency situation, you’ll need an information system that can kick-in immediately to help passengers evacuate an area, leaving you free to deal with the escalating problem. Our Emergency operations system features does just that.

Understanding your network, and absolutely respecting your operational processes right from the start, means that we can tailor your emergency mode perfectly. With the selection of predefined scenario and click of one button in the operation's user interface, all your display and voice announcements will direct passengers to their appropriate evacuation point, depending on where they are geographically. 

Automated voice announcements will play in whichever languages you choose, passenger information displays will show a special predefined content to everyone that they need to clear a certain area, kiosks will do the same, as will our mobile communications. And all of this will be simultaneous, fully automatic and in compliance with all of the industry standard safety norms thanks to the excellent system integration.

We can provide full navigation possibilities including using visual paging, sign language and hearing loops for those with impairments, across a full travel hub, or zoned to a particular area or platform.

Whatever you need in an emergency situation, we can provide it. Simpleway’s system is so flexible and customisable that we can tailor it just for you.

Emergency Operations Management

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