Multimodal Smart City Solution

For a company that works with airports, single transportation stations and complex travel hubs across the world, it should be no surprise that Simpleway is also the perfect multimodal smart city solution too. 

Our system can seamlessly integrate with an infinite number of external data feeds, allowing you to bring together and control information from your entire transportation network from different transportation agencies, including metro and light rail, buses, trams, ferries, cable cars and hyperloops. We can also integrate with individual and paratransit MaaS modes (mobility-as-a-service), such as taxis or car/bike/scooter sharing schemes. 

Whatever your needs and no matter the number of data feed integrations, we can provide an unlimited number of voice messages - in any language you want - and display layouts, which can be customised for every operator or mode of transport. Simpleway solution is also completely hardware neutral, meaning our system can integrate with different operators’ existing hardware, no matter which vendor they use.

This data integration then allows us to provide the perfect information to your passengers, such as complete schedule information for all transport modes, real-time travel times or vehicle occupancy information, micro-mobility reservations and many more. With Simpleway, you can be sure that your passengers will know up-to-date departure/arrival times for multiple locations, including platform information, the number of stops to travel, estimated arrival times and service specific information, all instantly and automatically via display, voice announcements, and with the ability to provide this for customers with disadvantages. And all of this can be done for one stop, part of a line or for an entire multimodal city network even onBoard vehicles.

Whatever information you want to give to your passengers, we can ensure you provide it with our solution, no matter how complex. 

But it doesn’t end there. We also give you the power to control your hubs’ disruption and emergency situations with predefined scenarios that will automatically direct passengers to the nearest evacuation point, depending on their physical location. You can even opt to use your static displays with advertising information, thereby providing you with a potential new huge revenue stream. Our powerful display player is specifically designed for this.

At the backend, Simpleway is equally powerful, but intuitively simple to operate. We can provide an all-in-one role-based operation's user interfaces for your network or smart city control centres. Loop in fire, police or ambulance operators for mass communications, or give the transport agencies staff a possibility to make live calls, whenever they need to. Our system allows to have different user interfaces for different operators in different locations with restricted system access, thereby offering maximum security with simplification of day-to-day tasks in mind.

That’s what we are all about; we offer an incredibly powerful, customisable system that handles complex data, but makes it easy to operate. Our system will even continually monitor the installed hardware and alert you to potential failures before they even happen, no matter if it is different PA systems, LCD, LED, ePaper, info booths, vehicles, or passenger counting devices, all of them integrated in the Simpleway smart city solution.

Multimodal Smart City Solution

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