Operational Announcements

While you always need to give real-time flight information, you will also want to build regular operational announcements, such as security reminders or even commercial messages, into your planning. We can do that.

We can pre-record, automate and schedule these kinds of messages, and all in whichever languages you want. That’s one less headache for operators with the help of our intuitive graphical user interfaces.

Of course, there will also be times when you need to make unexpected announcements if, for example, a child has got lost. We can do this either with live call via a microphone station or with inbuilt text-to-speech tool with a high-quality output – whichever option suits you best.

But it doesn’t end there. If you would like to play background music for the selected zones of your airport, no problem: our solution is capable of this. Or perhaps you want to offer automated call to prayer announcements. Again, not an issue. We already offer this for our customers from Middle East.

We are also always mindful of equality and accessibility. Because of this we offer an accessibility module.

Simpleway gives the option to have the currently played voice announcements shown in text format simultaneously on displays - you can choose to set aside specific, dedicated screens or have the visual messages scroll on all screens.

We also have an existing sign language module that has been developed alongside several deaf communities around the world. These integration details will be designed in the analysis phase of your project and we welcome the chance to work alongside your local hearing-impaired community to ensure we meet their needs.

Finally and most importantly, our solution can be easily integrated with your current technology - already installed public address system, hearing loops, navigation systems or other elements.

Our cloud platform Airport CX includes full featured version of our Automated Announcement System (AAS). Get started today on the Airport CX website.

Operational Announcements

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