Single Line Solution

While our system is operational in some of the world’s busiest airports and travel hubs, its adaptability means it can also perfectly meet the needs of a single line solution. Our work with Kochi and Lucknow metros, or the light rail system in Jakarta, will attest to that.

Whether you operate a metro or light rail system, a bus or high speed train line, a port or cable car, Simpleway can help you give your passengers the very best in display or voice announcements, in any language you choose, and all in a hardware neutral package. What’s more, our software can seamlessly integrate with existing lines and their technological components, thereby giving you one control centre and smooth integration with the systems used with other previously built lines.

After discussions with you, we can integrate with an unlimited number of data feeds to ensure you are giving your customers the exact information they need to make their journeys smooth and hassle free. Such data feeds can include anything you prefer, most often: 

  • Scheduling systems;
  • Real-time vehicle position data;
  • Passenger counting/crowding systems;
  • Emergency systems;
  • CCTV systems;
  • Intercom systems;
  • Third party systems, such as multimodal information. 

From these feeds we can then schedule automatic audio and visual announcements and give information such as standard departure/arrival announcements for multiple locations, including platform information, the number of stops and estimated times of arrival, for example.

Of course, we also know that disruptions occur. Because of this we’ve made it easy to give information on delays, cancelations, planned works or replacement services - and you can do all of this quickly and easily, and for one stop, part of the line or for a whole line scenario.

Similarly, emergencies also happen. At these times, Simpleway’s Emergency mode gives you the power to direct passengers to evacuation points, via voice and display, and all with the click of a button or by automated triggers

During regular operations we also give you a potential new revenue stream by giving you the power to turn static screens into advertising platforms.

You can also schedule playing of automatic voice and display announcements, take charge of your background music, make ‘live’ announcements with our state-of-the-art Paging stations, and all with accessibility features such as sign language, visual paging or hearing loop integration.

In dedicated role-based user interfaces, you can set different permissions for different operators, giving some complete access and while others might only need permissions for specific functions. 

Whatever it is, you have full control, and all in a hardware neutral system that can integrate with different PA systems and display vendors - our system will even continually monitor your hardware and alert you to potential problems before they even happen.

Sound good? Get in touch for a chat. We’d be delighted to work alongside you, no matter how big or small your project. 

Single Line Solution

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