Interactive Airport Signage

With most signage, you can give passengers information that you think they need: with interactive signage, you can let passengers access information that they actually want.

For example, how about offering kiosks with interactive wayfinding maps? Or, using touch screens or tablets, maybe they can order a meal or book some entertainment while waiting for departure. Passengers can access local weather conditions and forecasts, see travel information, or catch up on the latest news or football results.

With interactive signage, the sky is the limit. All we need to do is to connect the relevant data sources, and you will give your customers everything they want, and all at their fingertips.

You can even decide to personalise the experience – if they scan their boarding pass, you can present them with their own personal user interface that displays information on their specific flight, a map from their current location to the gate (with estimated walking times), and all with special offers and discounts for shops or restaurants along the way. A wide range of our Content management system features can help you create such interactive content.

A personalised experience for your customers and, by adding advertising, a revenue generator for your airport. Everybody wins.

Interactive Airport Signage

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