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Our reputation is not only built on our exceptional software, but we also make some pretty nifty hardware. Built to demanding standards and thoroughly tested by our in-house team, our devices are trusted and used in stations, terminals, travel and communication hubs around the world.

Discover our audio hardware solution branded nnounce, a complete solution that makes it easy for businesses to communicate and engage with their audience.

When paired with Simpleway's software, nnounce becomes the ultimate solution for meeting passenger experience requirements at airports and travel hubs of all sizes. This dynamic combination provides unparalleled security and monitoring capabilities, which improves the overall communication experience. nnounce is usable with third-party products and ecosystems such as Q-SYS, Bosch, Ateïs, …. 

Additionally, we offer hardware devices as the Display Device Controller (DDC) creates a perfect synchronization across your displays, to enhance our software solution.

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Microphone Station

Meet the Simpleway paging station, an all-in-one passenger communication device that will make life easier for your staff, and more cost-effective operations for you.

Built with Simpleway’s unified platform, the microphone station comes preloaded with everything you need for a day-to-day operation - all the schedules and operational announcements, all the languages, all the pre-defined zones, and all ready to go. It can even handle display content management, giving you ultimate control in one attractive package. Passenger information via voice and display is automatically delivered by our system based on the paging station location in control centre, staff room, information kiosk etc. And because it can control your voice and display announcements, it completely negates the need for a dedicated and expensive workstations to run these.

The integrated 8-inch touch panel provides easy control of the Simpleway role-based user interface. The use of the adapted UI offers operators the ability to customise announcement categories, language and zone selection, user functions, or even branding. It also comes equipped with a microphone for those times when you need to make an ad hoc live announcement. The high quality omnidirectional mic provides superb voice output, regardless of the distance and background noise.

Microphone Station

Display Controller

You’ve got your displays and information booths, you’ve got your rich, multi-media content, now you just need a device to ensure it displays perfectly. Say hello to Simpleway’s digital display controller.

Compact, sturdy and uber compatible, this 3rd generation media player was built using all our experience gained from travel hubs across the globe. Able to handle 4K resolution content effortlessly, Simpleway’s media player can deliver dynamically changing content to any digital signage, no matter if they are LED or LCD, and all without network bandwidth issues or content delays. What’s more, it comes at a superb competitive price.

Robust, super reliable and with exceptional performance, our media player is easy to integrate and is a trusted component at travel hubs across the world.

Display Controller

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