Display Content Management System

Simpleway Content management system for your passenger information displays (PIDS) gives a flexible solution that is bang up-to-the-second for your customers, and easy to use for your operators.

There are no limitations to screen design – you can create a professional look from scratch within minutes using our content creation tools. Alternatively, Simpleway solution architects and content designers can create custom designed templates according to your needs. Of course, our system also allows for different branding of contents for the carriers or commercial businesses which cooperate with your organisation.

Our content management system gives you the power to assign different user rights, ensuring that each user can only perform allowed actions, such as content creation, publishing, scheduling, display group management, manual override, etc.

The system can be configured to support your operations team in many different scenarios, including emergency scenarios, travel disruptions or outages. For this, we have a special role-based user interfaces or we are able to create the interface which exactly fits your specific needs. We are also able to fully integrate with a large range of outside APIs.

And remember, while we work closely with some of the biggest and best-known hardware providers, our software is completely hardware neutral. This means that the Simpleway platform will integrate with virtually any display hardware on the market, including your existing installations.

Core Functionality

Our solution takes your data from different inputs, such as scheduling and signalling systems or vehicle GPS location, and presents them automatically on your displays throughout the whole station or network including vehicles using professional predefined templates. Important value of the system is, that it works with a complete information lifecycle, not with simple “changing the screen content”. This means the operator sets up the information and the system itself takes care of the visual representation to every type of display where the information is relevant.

At the beginning of the project, Simpleway experts together with a customer assess all necessary requirements and prepare the final definition to fit each operational process and use case. And while our system can be configured to give you whatever you need, it is also easy to use for you and your operators during the daily operation.

The CMS can display any kind of graphical content including pictures, animations, and videos as well as, of course, departure/arrival lists, dynamic navigation, and general information including ad-hoc messages. Multi-language and multi-alphabet support (Latin, Arabic, Cyrillic, etc.) is a given, and you can also offer visual paging and sign language announcements thanks to the integration with your voice announcement system. Moreover, you can integrate weather information or interactive mapping and use content scheduling and prioritisation using various features of our system directly in the dedicated graphical user interface. You can even create advertising spaces to offset your operational costs, see the special section below.

We value flexibility, and we know our clients do too. That’s why we’ve ensured our system is perfectly adaptable and fully customisable. Want to include a mix of LED and LCD? Or perhaps you need a video wall, info booth or e-paper. No problem. Our system can be tweaked to whatever specifications you want. It supports multi-screen grouping and high-precision synchronization. But that’s not the best part. If you think you’ll have to install new hardware to use our CMS, you’d be wrong. Our developers have ensured our system integrates perfectly with your existing hardware, meaning that you’ll get a whole new system without expensive hardware installs.

Core Functionality

Advertising Campaigns Managment

Operating a public transport network can be an expensive business. To help you offset your operational costs, Simpleway introduced its Advertising Campaigns Management module, which allows you to use a portion of the display screen canvas for advertising – or you could even introduce new advertising-only displays or videowalls. And as we often mention, our solution will work perfectly with your existing display hardware.

You can decide what part of the screen shows what content, and at what time. And don’t worry, our solution designers can help you set this up, so you can also be sure that your new advertising content will not impact on the important passenger information being displayed. Our system can easily mix multiple content data sources within a single display page.

And, as always with Simpleway, we’ve made it beautifully simple to use and manage. Administrators or marketing team members can use smart content creation and management tools. We also provide standard measurement metrics for advertising campaign progress monitoring and reporting. This means there is no need to use expensive external advertising providers.

Advertising Campaigns Managment

Visual Paging and Sign Language

Travel hubs can be stressful places to navigate. Now imagine trying to do it with impaired hearing. With Simpleway’s Visual paging and Sign language announcements you can democratise travel and make your station more equal for passengers with hearing difficulties.

We can give you the power to discover a future trend of passenger information and adapt your display content management to ensure that hearing-impaired passengers receive the same up-to-the-second information. By setting an area aside in your display screens content and integrating to the voice announcements system, you can use visual paging (a full visual transcript of the voice announcement) or show a video of the announcement, but using sign language.

Being a first company in the world offering this feature, we take our sign language announcements just as seriously as we do with our renowned language library. You can opt to record sign language announcements with a local actor because, just as with spoken language, sign language differs from region-to-region. Alternatively, you can use our International sign language recordings. We teamed up with the Department of Deaf Studies at Charles University in Prague, as well as with the School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies at Victoria University of Wellington, to review and perfect our International Sign Language announcements.

Of course, if you choose to include our accessibility features, it will all be fully automated and hassle-free, meeting all accesibility requirements. And as always with us, we give you complete control

Visual Paging and Sign Language

Passenger Counting

Because we work closely with carriers and travel hub operators across the world, we get to see first-hand their real life issues. That’s why we developed our unique Automated Passenger Counting solution, a system that gives superbly efficient boarding for you and a more relaxed travel experience for your customers.

Put simply, we use data collected from passenger counting sensors on every vehicle door, which then instantly feeds back bottlenecks and passenger load information during boarding. Information about carriages that are less occupied can be announced at the station and on the platform via voice or display to direct passengers there. And all of this is done automatically and with no input from operating staff.

Our solution has proven to significantly optimise the boarding process, giving you valuable time efficiencies, as well as ensuring the journey is comfortable and hassle free for your customers. We can also fold in you pre-booked seats data from your reservation or ticketing systems, meaning the whole solution is comprehensive and fully monitored. Of course, we can also use this system on whole-route operations, giving you invaluable information on passenger movement, passenger load and passenger-per-km, allowing you to tailor and continually improve your future services based on hard verifiable data.

Saving money, improving efficiency and giving a more comfortable passenger experience, that’s what you get with our unique Automated Passenger Counting system.

Passenger Counting

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