OnBoard Solution

As a transportation professional, you know that passengers don’t just plan their journeys from home or on the platform. Ever-connected smartphones means passengers can make plans or tweak journeys while they travel. That’s why you need to provide the most accurate, up-to-second information whether your customers are on-board a train, bus, ferry or tram. Fortunately, we do that, as our clients across the world will tell you. 

By integrating various data feeds, such as vehicle real-time location or passenger counting sensors, centralized in the main onboard control unit, you can give your passengers useful on-board information such as:

  • next stops visualisation
  • estimated times of arrivals/departures
  • connecting services in the transfer stations
  • real-time delay and disruption information
  • vehicle load for each carriage
  • specific information about on-board passenger services
  • current speed, weather forecasts and many others

And you can do all of that via voice or display announcements, and in whatever languages you want. We even cater to the hearing or vision impaired with accessibility features.

With our system you can also use static displays as advertising space (thereby adding a potential new revenue stream) or for safety or service ad-hoc announcements, have live-call paging, or use Emergency mode to automatically give clear, accurate evacuation information. Whatever your needs, Simpleway is a fully adaptable, customisable platform that can provide whatever information you need without any dependance on hardware vendors.

While our system is incredibly powerful, we always ensure simplicity and ease-of-use for operators or vehicle drivers with intuitive user interfaces. Again, these can be customised for your needs, and you will have the power to set permissions for different users, as well as having full remote access for yourself.

Whatever information you want to provide passengers on-board your vehicles, Simpleway can handle it with the minimum of fuss and maximum of efficiency, and all in one hardware neutral package.

OnBoard Solution

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