Operational Process Optimization

Whilst giving you what we believe to be the best completely unified passenger information solution, we also ensure that your operational processes are fully optimised. To do this, we start from one simple rule: to always respect your processes and customise our system to fit those. During project designing, our consultatants address diferent standard and non-standard use cases usual for the daily operation of your network. By doing so, we can later on ensure things like daily tasks of the operators are automated, travel experience of passengers is improved and network operability is secured. Our state-of-the-art features, such as disruptions management or customised operation's user interfaces were specificaly designed for such purposes.

Of course, you will always stay in complete control of all processes. To provide maximum system and processes security, you can assign different staff different privileges and control who does what with the complex reporting. You also get full oversight of the look and feel of your announcements and user interfaces, all of which will be defined and approved by you during the design phase according to your organisation's branding.

Moreover, our system is also fully scalable, meaning that future expansions are not a problem. Our entire system is so versatile that we can customise it to fit your future plans. And, of course, we offer all of this in one hardware-neutral package, meaning no expensive new hardware installs when you take Simpleway’s fully unified solution.

Operational Process Optimization

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